06 February 2017

How to create domain free at Freenom

Domain name or make a site link. One field easily visit our Web site. Current domain Darling already practically much, but the most popular ones that owns the domain. Com because it is in the public domain for business. Create a domain there are free and paid some. Sometimes there are some sites that promote their website via free zone in the region. One of them, namely: freenom, distributed domain free domain for one year. Create domain freenom as well.

Why do you need?

Field, such as the domain that we create later using freenom services, and anyone visiting the site more easily remember the domain name and blog URL address looks simple and interesting, and will also look at a more trusted site. In other words some advantages that we can take using the domain as follows:

Shorter domain address
Sleek clear domain name
More unique and memorable
Better than the previous one, namely a long time back. blogspot.
Will look more reliable site

Support area of freenom Google.

Here one will be discussed to get Google adsense account is hosted. Google belongs from two types of account:

Google adsense hosting account, you can register this account blog.or blogspot using your account on YouTube.

No hosting account, this account gained through Web registration/your blog using fields such as freenom. Com domain for more details about Google adsense accounts hosted and non-hosted, next time I'll discuss it in other articles.

Here are the steps to create a free account at freenom:

In the past, and no need to email (gmail) if they don't have it already, please create an email at gmail.com
The first step, please visit http://www.freenom.com/
In the search field, enter the domain name you guys create and wanted men. Here, freenom provides no room for free.TK ga.,., see ml. Please choose one of them to open an account, for example topstenz.ga was established. After entering your domain, please check availability.

If the domain is available, you will receive the status area dining is available. Click Next, select the desired domain and then click Proofing.
Then, select 12 months free domain, and click continue.

Next, enter the email address for you guys. Check you email.

Scan incoming e-mail box, also check spam, spam in incoming emails sometimes. Then click to confirm your link.

After successful authentication occurs at the expense of, the next step is to fill register form. The contents of the corresponding form of identity (using false statements can also) the original data.

Phase 1: click the "complete order". Then your account is created successfully.

Click the domain-> "my domain" to see a list of guys.
You can create more than one domain. By clicking the new domain register >-domain (new domain list)

This is useful for Google Adsense support recording later. It may be helpful, if anything is unclear, please feel free to comment. If useful, don't forget to share it with others through social media below.

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